On July 8th a team of 43 students and adults from will be driving up the Pacific Coast to Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. While there we will be working with two local churches to help them as they minister to their communities.
Please join us in prayer, asking the Lord to protect us and lead us as we follow him. It is our desire to put all our plans and expectations in His hands, and to go and do whatever he call us to.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Contact Information

Hey there all of you Mountain View Warrior Parents, Guardians, and Friends! If for almost any reason would like to, or have to, contact your warrior (son or daughter), the information you will need is here.

There are two churches we will be at. Our team will be split up into two pre-decided groups. So, find out which church your son or daughter will be staying near before they leave, or just take the 50/50 chance.

Emmaus Church
Mailing Address: 16275 28th Avenue, Surrey BC
Location of Church: Pacific Heights Elementary School
17148 26th Avenue, Surrey BC
Pastor Dave Ellis
Cell: 1-778-241-1414

Real Life Community Church
Mailing Address: 16318 82nd Avenue, Surrey BC
Location of Church: William Watson Elementary
16450 80th Avenue, Surrey BC
Pastor Mike Roth
Cell: 1-778-241-7325

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  1. Hi Westin,
    I copied your contact info onto the side bar. I figured that way it won't get pushed down after another post. Thanks for doing this. I like being able to see what the team is doing.